Voice Types

Factors that signify your singing voice type: What’s a voice type? All the ingredients combined to create a unique sound .Basically there are four common voice types ie; Soprano, Mezzo-soprano (also called Mezzo), Tenor, and Bass.

These four elements which determine a voice type:

  • Age: Singers are basically at there best at a very young age ,that’s because the way we sound as we grow our voice also grows and the way we sound also develops into a more mature voice that cannot stand out ,think about the last time you heard your own voice and its surprising how with age our voice also changes lets say over the phone we listen to stranger call it’s easy to guess the persons age by listening to his/her voice. This happens because with age our entire body changes inside as well as outs
  • Range: Range is nothing but all the notes a singer can hit, which includes ones highest and lowest note ,when we initially start singing and practice as a beginner our voice has a shorter range, than experienced singers. Because the high notes or low notes get stronger with practice and also our breathing techniques also play a major part in this. As we practice more and more accompanied by a friend or just playing the song on CD your voice range will expand gradually .The major factor effecting how you sing or your voice type is range, here we understand in which range are we comfortable to singing in and how well we can balance our vocal cords. This range where a singer is most comfortable is called Tessitura. If you ever heard of this word in a song book or heard any professional musicians or singers discuss this word, this simply means the area where most of the notes lie in the song.
  • Voice Strength: It helps greatly if we know our Voice strength because this helps in determining your voice type. For casual singing without professional help focus on building different techniques and see how your voice responds to series of words or low and high pitch extracted. You just have to know how to listen and look for the various sounds your voice can make. Sopranos and tenors have a stronger voice than mezzos and basses. Each has its own uniqueness in singing and emitting sounds.